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Re: Steve Smith Back in Journey

Postby nomsgmusic » Thu Jun 18, 2020 10:49 pm

Paul Marangoni wrote:
nomsgmusic wrote:And more importantly, with DAVID FOSTER producing.
Like him or not, the guy knows-knew (I don't know what he's done lately) how to craft a hit record.
I like all the Tubes records, but I LOVE those two records!!!

Those records are great, but Love Bomb is insanely delicious! It may not have sold as much, but after a couple listens you will be hooked. Todd Rundgren is a genius.

I like Genius Of America, it's REALLY good, but I'll check out Love Bomb. I was surprised they brought Todd back because the first one they did together didn't do much from what I remember, but yeah Todd's a great producer. But the David Foster stuff is basically pop perfection.


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