Snare and cymbal stand options?

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Snare and cymbal stand options?

Postby Odd-Arne Oseberg » Thu Aug 04, 2016 6:03 am

So I'm putting together my practice kit. The pads shipped yesterday, so they should be here soon.

I think I'm going to just go with a host of snare stands to hold the tom pads. They serve multiple purposes that way.

For the racks, 10" and 12", some lighter cheap stands, with an extra link, that work for both sitting and standing are probably gonna work just fine.

For the 14" tom I thinking about another Gibraltar Ultra adjust. It's my favourite snare stand by far, also when it comes to sound, so having another one is fine, but the downside is that it's sort of limited to 13" - 15" drums.

For one of the 12"s, representing my aux, I do have a medium weight Yamaha on my regular kit and one of those will probably do the job.

Now comes the 16. I know Pearl probably makes one, but I'm really only aware of the newish adjustable Ludwig Atlas that can hold a 16" drum. I think that's WAY OVERKILL, so I'm curious about other cheaper and lighter options.

Now cymbals. I'm aware pretty much all of the Yamaha stuff is good regardless of weight. Always hear only good things about the Yamaha hardware. I'm sure someone has experience with their lightest cymbal stands. Guess they would double up serving with a lightweight 12,14,18 kit in the future.

My regular kit has all Gibralter 9000 cymbal stands, which aren't really that expensive to import here and they are great, but not exactly on the lighter side.

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