Your desert island snare...

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Re: Your desert island snare...

Postby MRhet » Wed Sep 21, 2016 6:42 pm

Pocketplayer wrote:Funny thread...I took it to mean if you HAD to pick ONE snare, what would it be?

Then we get;
Here are some things I think are on the list of last before I turned down a snare drum:

A cobra
A tiger
The Sham Wow guy
Cottage cheese
Bridget Jones Diary (DVD)
Donald Trump's colonoscopy (DVD)

...a cobra! That was just funny dude. A tiger. Cottage cheese. How about
ice and electricity and a refer and...a hot Latina BBW...Ooops, I digress.

Ok, but remember these are things I don't want on a desert island. 8-)
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Re: Your desert island snare...

Postby Pocketplayer » Thu Sep 22, 2016 8:56 am

Ahhh, proverbial thread flip. Oh how the context is lost and a new direction blasted
forward. The Presidential election has warped all our minds! Next Monday night will
be exactly what this thread has demonstrated...lost context and new directions...
except there is more humility in HOD. Those two will be off and running like dogs
on Fourth of July right after the fireworks blast...or better yet, the crack of Vinnie's
snare from that Chuck Norris movie soundtrack!
Jeff Porcaro Groove Master
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Re: Your desert island snare...

Postby nomsgmusic » Fri Sep 23, 2016 10:43 pm

OK, since someone called me out on this thread before it devolved into internet juvenilism.

I always think of snares in a few categories and sounds. Modern and vintage, and wood and metal. Y'all know I'm a SD junkie, and moods and tastes always change. But right now my DISD's would be:

Vintage- Metal= 6.5x14 1920's Ludwig NOB two piece shell 8 lug with die cast rims added. Wood= Radio King Cloud Badge 7x14. The Radio King's have so much more vibe than the new solid shells. I have no idea why, but this is a GREAT drum!

Modern- Wood= 6x14 Longo Walnut Solid shell. Solid Walnut is a wonderful wood for drums, and Neil really lets his wood dry out enough (I guess that's the trick) so his drums sounds so much better than the other solid walnut drums that I have heard. Metal= I am really digging my N&C 4 7/8 Cast Aluminum, it's like a Supra on steroids. I've used it on Jazz, Funk, Rock, and R&B gigs recently. I tune it a little lower than many might, and it's really FAT. One round of turns and it's a GREAT jazz drum. I usually don't like the snares off sound of shallow drums, but this one is really big, thick, and warm sounding without the snares on. The crosstick sound is GREAT too!

You guys KNEW that I couldn't pick "just one," (ha!)

PS. Sorry that I haven't around here in a while, I've been (thankfully) really busy.
But I just made a post in the "official" Porcaro thread (CHECK IT OUT!!!!)

The Montreux 1991 Toto concert has been officially released!!!!!!

and saw my "call out" on this thread as well.
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Re: Your desert island snare...

Postby jean krupa » Wed Oct 05, 2016 11:54 am

MY DESERT ISLAND SNARE would convert to a
small sailcraft and get me the hell out of Dodge.

Being stranded on an Is would require constant strategizing how
to get back to society, therefore musical instruments would
be a BIG distraction.

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