MUSIC ON PAPER - HOD's collection of worthwhile articles

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MUSIC ON PAPER - HOD's collection of worthwhile articles

Postby electrizer » Mon May 15, 2017 12:36 pm

Not sure if this has a chance to take off but I don't think there is a dedicated HOD thread dedicated to interesting web articles on music and drumming. As far as any literature goes it's either the chatty (which gets deleted) or a lot of them end up in the thread on copyrights which I think Paul started.

I propose this to be HOD's repository of articles you find online and which you can recommend as worthwhile. Let me start it off...

Most of us stop responding to new music because we know better. You can read that sentence and its last word any way you want; it’s still going to apply. But even if we don’t know better, per se, we still know just as good, and so we know enough to understand that it’s been done before, whatever this is we’re listening to. All of which is another way of saying: you lose your virginity only once.

This is only compounded by another factor, and it’s something I’ve never seen or heard mentioned in any discussion of this topic. It has to do with the callowness (perceived and real) of musicians younger than ourselves. As something that by its very nature appeals to our emotions, music requires that we be emotionally engaged. This can be a very difficult thing to achieve on behalf of someone who hasn’t endured as much of the world as we have.
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Re: MUSIC ON PAPER - HOD's collection of worthwhile articles

Postby Rudy_Ment » Wed May 17, 2017 2:00 pm

No drums no life, know drums know life...

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