The Substitute (UPDATED) - A drummer looking for a....My short film 2 minutes loooong

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The Substitute (UPDATED) - A drummer looking for a....My short film 2 minutes loooong

Postby Juan Expósito » Thu Dec 27, 2018 4:43 am

Hi folks,
I´ve made just for fun a short film about a fictitius App called iSUB.
Tomorrow I will post the entire thing (2 minutes long).
The concept behind it is that period where you involves in "too many bands" and some day appears a conflict of dates and you look for a substitute...
I hope you enjoy it !!
Happy days and new year !

The short movie here:
"World Premiere!! This is THE SUBSTITUTE. Two minutes revealing the dark side of the dangerous App iSUB. This powerfull tool will allow you to do things you never dreamt about. You will double your performance in your work, family...and if you are a musician this is YOUR perfect app. You knew that day would come: three gigs in a day and you looking for a substitute. Come along with this man looking for help. He needed for a solution and he find it in the deep web...the Deep Store."

This was the presentation of the teaser:

"WORLD PREMIERE!! Your life will change for ever after using iSUB, the app usefull for everybody, essential for musicians.
Powerful, addictive…Dangerous. Don´t miss the short film "The Substitute".
Based on real facts. Friday december 28th on Mr Online Drums TV.
iSUB will call you soon.
This is the Teaser."

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