Double pedal question

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Tom Reschke
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Double pedal question

Postby Tom Reschke » Sun Apr 26, 2020 11:23 am

I'm looking to buy one. I've owned two in my life and have sold both of them about a month after buying them because I didn't like having them. However, I'm older now and am looking to give it a mid life crisis college try! So my question to you all is is there a pedal that you WOULDN'T recommend? I'm of the opinion of you get what you pay for on gear and I'm looking for maybe a mid-grade level double pedal. Is there anything I should absolutely steer clear of? Thanks, I'll take my old man double spacing after sentences answers off the air.
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Odd-Arne Oseberg
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Re: Double pedal question

Postby Odd-Arne Oseberg » Sun Apr 26, 2020 12:22 pm

Is the double version of the single pedal you like cost prohibitive?

Pedals and throne I wouldn't skimp on. They see so much use, so nbuy opnce and shed a single tear really makes sense there.

Past a certain level everything is good, but they're all different. This idea about setting any pedal up so they're all the same, I don't buy.

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