Bass drum technique question

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Re: Bass drum technique question

Postby chrishitsthings » Sat Dec 05, 2020 3:16 pm

Paul Marangoni wrote:
chrishitsthings wrote: developed bad habits like burying the beater which another teacher recommended I do cos of beater flutter

I find it very hard (if not impossible) to control the flutter when playing multiple sequential strokes if my front bass drum head has no hole in it. I think it's even more problematic with smaller bass drums. If you listen closely, you can actually hear Tony Williams' beater fluttering too. For me, the remedy is a very small (4") hole in the resonant bass drum head. I may switch to a larger bass drum one day (24" or even a 26").

That’s reassuring even Tony’s beater fluttering. I also sat in at a West End show in London years ago and the guy was playing quarter notes and the beater fluttered so even the pros find it hard to manage... I got a 24 about a year ago but the band at my time split and now this year being what it has been I’ve not extensively played it

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