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HoD Forum Rules! Please read before posting!

Posted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 6:25 pm
by Steve Holmes
The rules.
1) If you disagree with someone, don't insult them. Just say why. Keep in mind music is subjective.

2) If you're new, please don't start a new thread to announce it. Reply to an already existing topic, or start a new topic about drumming.

3) If a "fight" arises between two members and profanity is thrown around along with accusations, I don't care who is "right". Both people will be banned. When in doubt, don't rock the boat. Nobody wants to read he said/she said crap and I don't have time to "investigate" who should stay or go.

4) Please don't start a topic for the sole purpose of making fun of someone (in a video for example).

Just don't rock the boat and you'll be fine.